Today my topic is Focusing.

I came back to work today after being on a vacation to Laurel, Mississippi. We left last Saturday and arrived back home the next Saturday evening. I made it a non-work vacation and enjoyed the time with my husband and my mother. Finding my focus today has been a challenge. Trying to get caught up on everything I missed while was gone; catching up on emails and voicemails; looking at a computer screen for many hours (I am seeing blurry words now), causes a lack of focus as I am stationary instead of more mobile or having those moments of personal contact with clients as they come in.

We often have those moments when we are not able to focus on God the way we should or even want to. Those times in prayer where our mind starts on its own path of thoughts; those times when we are looking to be the hands and feet of God and what we are asked to do is not what we thought it would be. For those times in prayer, if possible, start praying aloud it will help you focus better. Those times when our service to others seems little, remember that to those that you serve you are giving them the greatest gift, you are willing and delighted time.

When focusing gets tough determine what the goal or objective is and work toward that. It will keep you on the path you need to stay on.

Proverbs 16:3

   Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.

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